Presentation of

Institute for European Education –​​ IEE

The Institute for European Education - IEE - is an international non-governmental organization registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and pursuing its activity in the sphere of education.

The Institute was created with the main purpose of establishing sustainable links with international academic and business partners and encouraging synergies between "education, science and business" through effective models of interaction and forms of cooperation as key drivers of quality.

The Institute for European Education - IEE is established by prominent Bulgarian and foreign scientists, who take part in its academic council, approve the training programs and accept the developed projects. The Institute is working closely with Bulgarian and foreign universities from Germany, France, Sweden, England, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

Presenting and integrating the achievements of European education in European and non-European countries is also one of the core tasks of the Institute

The Central Office of the Institute for European Education - IEE​​ is located in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, Aleksandar Zhendov Str. 6

At present, the Institute has offices in Belgrade-Serbia, Berlin-Germany, Lublin-Poland, and a decision has been made to open filial in Tashkent-Uzbekistan and Kiev-Ukraine.

The Institute is managed by a Management Board and​​ it​​ is represented by its Chairman / President /

The financial contributions to the Institute are from donations, participation in projects and trainings. The fields are above all business partners, such as high-tech enterprises, partners in the tourism industry, wine-making, etc.

At the proposal of the Bulgaria-Uzbekistan Friendship Society and in accordance with the Decrees for the improvement of professional capacity in the Republic​​ of Uzbekistan by President Mirzyaev, in March 2018 a decision was taken to establish a branch of the Institute for European Education - IEE in Tashkent-Republic Uzbekistan, with the main task of developing and proposing programs to improve the qualification of specialists in various fields of economy and administration.